My approach is creative and collaborative and I bring a spirit of playfulness, joy, and humor to our work together. My practice incorporates the knowledge of the body into talk therapy, supporting integrative healing and comprehensive, long-lasting change.

Often, even when our mind has moved forward, our bodies hold onto patterns and wounds that no longer serve us. For queer, trans, and non-binary folks, the experiences of marginalization, oppression and trauma has particular impact on the body, as well as our social, emotional, and intellectual experience. Yet, our body also inherently holds the key to release stuck patterns, let go of damaging beliefs, and ultimately expand our capacity to grow, change, and experience more joy and pleasure in our lives.

Using an integrative and somatic approach, I work with you as a whole person, providing a safe and dynamic space to explore the issues and beliefs that may underlie the challenges in your life, while incorporating your experience in the moment on a physical, emotional, and energetic level.

I also hold a social justice and strengths based perspective. We are all impacted by our unique personal experiences as well as societal systems of privilege and oppression. In our work together, we will address structural and systemic inequities, and attend to your experience navigating these intersectional realms.

Each session will look and feel different, as we work with the content you bring, as well as you experience in the moment. Some or most sessions there may be a lot of talking, while others less so. However, even when story and language is a primary mode, I work with your nervous system and somatic presence to track your experience, and support greater regulation. This can open up new doors and lead to deeper and fuller therapeutic experiences than traditionally talk therapy alone. Other sessions may involve more focus on the body, somatic and grounding exercises, movement, or the use of somatic touch.

I work with queer, trans, non-binary adults, adolescents, youth and families. I also work with queer and non-normative couples, relationships, and chosen family constellations. To find out if we are a good fit, I encourage you to reach out and schedule a free initial in person or phone consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.

**If you feel drawn to my practice, but do not identify within the categories above, feel free to reach out and discuss if working together may be a good fit.

Therapy is personalized to each client and incorporates a wide range of treatment modalities, including:

- Attachment Based

- Existential

- Somatic Experiencing

- LGBTQ Affirmative

- Psychodynamic

- Intersectional Feminist

- Humanistic

- Multicultural

- Person-Centered

- Post-modern

- Relational

- Transpersonal

- Trauma Focused

Treatment Issues and Areas of Focus

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Panic Attacks

- Trauma and PTSD

- Self-Esteem

- Relationship Issues

- Queer, Trans, and Gender Non-Conforming

- Grief and Loss

- Life Transitions

- Men's Issues

- Sex and Sexuality

- Domestic Violence

- Domestic Abuse

- Family Conflict

- Self-Harming

- Substance Abuse

- Sexual Abuse

- Child or Adolescent

- Codependency

- Bipolar Disorder

- Spirituality

- Stress

If it seems like I am not the best person to meet your counseling needs, I encourage you to learn more about my colleagues at Wise Counsel & Comfort.